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Living in an Age of Magic

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said repeatedly that the purpose of life is to enjoy bliss and that our minds, by design, naturally and constantly pursue the direction of greatest joy.

Joseph Campbell:  Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

So why are we so hung up with what’s right and wrong?  I was thinking how ‘bad’ it is that so many people are playing video games and watching television rather than out there going for walks in Nature and planting organic veges and reading books etc.  The reason is that they enjoy it! I enjoy it too! (Shock)  

In Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch reports that there is no right or wrong just consequences.

So, overdoing it may have consequences in other parts of your life, but it isn’t ‘wrong’, it may just need balancing at some point.

We now live in an age of magic, where we can explore almost anything we want, have any experience, find anything out, that we want.  Old shouldisms have no place today.  

This is an age of exploration where following our bliss is paramount.

Ask not what the world needs.  
Ask rather what makes your heart sing and go do that;
for what the world needs is people with hearts that sing.

Philip Thatcher

The whole natural ecosystem is made up of living organisms individually following their instincts and the collective intelligence comes from the Unified Field between them.  We don’t need to worry about saving the world, we just need to follow our higher purpose, which is making our own hearts sing – following our bliss – and the rest will self-organise.  This is the essence of Faith: trusting implicitly that we are perfect and that  if we follow our bliss that we will be doing the best thing we could possibly do for the world – even when we’re not consciously thinking about it or focusing on it.

As always, Edward Monkton sums this up well:

Edward Monkton card

So explore, marvel and follow your bliss  – see where it leads and be open to being surprised! (…unless of course you don’t want to!!:-))



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